The Garden and Flowers of Hokyo-ji

The Garden and Flowers


Hokyo-ji is blessed with many precious flowers and plants, such as Ise Dianthus (gillyflower) granted by Emperor Kokaku, double-flowered cherry blossoms of Nara, and tea tree named by the 22nd Abbess Tokugon Riho (a.k.a. Honkakuin).

The temple precincts are adorned with beautiful seasonal flowers throughout the year, including “Akebono-ume” plum blossoms named by Emperor Kokaku, Ariake cherry blossoms, a rare species of camellias in spring, “Hokyo-ji lotus flowers” in summer, and Japanese maple (“Acer palmatum” or “palmate maple”) in front of the Main Hall and tinged maple leaves in the Garden of the Crane and Tortoise in autumn.

March A number of celebrated camellias are in full bloom by the end of the Spring Doll Exhibition
  • 京都旧百々御所宝鏡寺-人形寺- Kumagaya camellia
  • 京都旧百々御所宝鏡寺-人形寺- Moonlight camellia
  • 京都旧百々御所宝鏡寺-人形寺- Muramusume camellia
June Ise Dianthus (gillyflower) granted by Emperor Kokaku has been treasured to this day.
  • 京都旧百々御所宝鏡寺-人形寺- Blossoms every year from the end of May to June.
  • 京都旧百々御所宝鏡寺-人形寺-
  • 京都旧百々御所宝鏡寺-人形寺-
November Garden adorned with beautiful autumn leaves during the Autumn Doll Exhibition
  • 京都旧百々御所宝鏡寺-人形寺- “Garden of the Crane and Tortoise” where Princess Kazunomiya enjoyed herself in her childhood
  • 京都旧百々御所宝鏡寺-人形寺- The doll mound is also covered in autumn foliage
  • 京都旧百々御所宝鏡寺-人形寺- Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) designated as a precious tree by Kamigyo ward, Kyoto